Neelam Rajput

Call GIs or guest girls as they are called in India, are mostly expected to serve the client in his hotel room and the most preferred mode of contacting a foreign lady is through the phone. Most of the famous hotels in India like ITC Maurer, Radisson Hotel, Intercontinental, Holiday Inn Express, Hyatt Regency, etc. have their own branch in various cities of India like Call GIs in Delhi, Call GIs in Kolkata, Call GIs in Mumbai, etc.

Call girls and their operators are called giengpati. The term ‘giengpati’ means a woman who sings and dances and is considered a near relative of the client. She is not necessarily beautiful but is graceful with big white teeth and an Indian accent. She can be pretty and attractive but not necessarily with a beauty that the clients find enchanting.

There are many types of giengpati. Some are general call center calls that are available free of cost. These types of calls are attended by girls who know nothing about the client’s business. They talk and act like a secretary and relay every message properly. Other than this type of call center, there are many calls that are professionally conducted by girls who have great knowledge of English and the language.

Most of the times the giengpati will greet the client while entering the room and then will do her duties. The duty of the girl varies from one client to another. Some callers would like to ask her about his or her travel plans, some would like to ask her to carry out any necessary checks and balances. These messages are carried to the caller by the girl who will do the talking. These professional services can be very helpful for those who are running small businesses and need a lot of information regarding their clients.

A typical giengpati includes five to eight steps. The first step is called nandimukha or welcome call. This is a talkative conversation between the girl who is on the phone and the caller. It usually includes information about the business and may also include asking for some business advice.

The second step is satti padangusta, or the discussion of business. This conversation may start with the girl’s parents and other people she is related to. The giengpati also includes her family members and close friends.

The third step is kahuna padangusta, which is the preparation of gifts or the collecting of gifts. This is a thank you conversation for the business transaction. The giengpati may call upon her friends to join the call. After this conversation, she will offer some gifts to the callers. She may also send thanks to the caller for his/her time and willingness to talk.

The last step is padmangekha or the offering of flowers. The giengpati thanks the caller for taking time out of his/her busy schedule to call and offer flowers. In many parts of India, girls exchange garlands or floral bouquets after a meeting or an auspicious occasion. The flowers may be red or pink, but they are typically symbols of love.

When a girl gets a new partner, she offers him sweets and presents. This shows her appreciation for his company and helps build a strong connection. It is important to note that sweets and presents should not be given with the intention of buying something. They should be given to show that one is grateful and one wants the other to succeed. This is especially important if the girl has to go to another country for higher education.

The giengpati may speak a few words in Hindi or English, or converse only through gestures. In fact, some may converse in both languages. The giengpati is supposed to help bring the two of you closer. However, it is important not to force the two of you talk using the forced words. You may find yourself at a loss if you do. To avoid such situations, practice the art of conversation starters.

You can learn this skill by observing how successful people are able to talk with the natives of different countries. If you try to learn Hindi from books, you will probably get stuck in the early stages. The best way to get over this difficulty is to practice your Hindi with an Indian girl. You can easily attract a girl by practicing your Hindi conversation starters.

If you get the opportunity to travel to an Indian diropolis like Delhi or Mumbai, you should call on a girl who speaks the local language. This will not only help you in understanding the dialect of the people, but will also help you in building a strong rapport with them. If you know somebody who works as a waiter at a restaurant, you should ask him or her to teach you how to call giengpati to a girl. This skill can help you rise in the restaurant management ladder.

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